“The Dice of Fate”

This was a book cover design that I made for a novel.

The novel was “The Dice of Fate,” a story about a young woman who was suddenly transported directly from her day job to a place that was like something from one of her roleplaying campaigns.  Early in the story, a little white Kitsune with three tails comes and helps her, and the theme of dice features prominently in the story.  Therefore, I chose to depict the kitsune, the ten sided die, and a hint of the long road she had to walk on foot to get to civilization.

I started (as usual) with the sky gradient.  The better the sky gradient, the better the foundation of the work.  Since this was acrylic, I could dispense any worry about the transparency of my layers.  With the trees I worked from dark to light, always keeping in mind that most trees have gray bark, not brown.  For highlighting, I used chalks and pencils in the final steps.

I was fairly pleased with the work.  If anyone wants to see it on the cover, feel free to click through to the link – and if anyone wants to buy it, it’s free for Kindle subscribers.  Just search the title “The Dice of Fate.”

Book Cover: Experimental College


Click on the painting for a bigger version if you like.  This book is a novel written by my father, and I completed it in acrylics with a bit of detail added in Conte and chalk.  I was trying to show the different aspects of the book – the Braille books, the Braille Writer, the circular slide rule, the wine bottle, the carnation, the rocket, and the red panties all have parts to play in the story.  I was going for a cover that was mysterious and intriguing, yet pleasing.

If you want to check out the book, click on the upper cover!