Low-Cost Marketing Methods

You’ve written a book.  You’ve made art and are ready to sell it.  You produced a CD and want people to listen to it.  Now you want people to actually see your product!

You search for marketing.  It’s seems that it’s either expensive, ineffective, or both.  What to do?

Luckily, with some effort and creativity, there are plenty of things you can do to market your work!

Here are some ideas.

It doesn’t cost much to have bookmarks made.  Distribute them at bookstores and libraries.

If you wrote a book, buy a few copies and donate it to your library.  With a bookplate in it featuring your website or blog, that is!

Next time you see a deal where an online print shop is ordering 100 free print for a dollar, or whatever, take them up on it.  Make a little ad for your book/music/art/whatever.  Then leave them in unexpected places.  Bulletin boards, art shops, bookstores, you name it.

Whenever you leave printed matter around, try to put it in places where people are going to be bored.  Doctor’s offices, vet clinics, upscale hair salons, whatever.  Go where people have money, and always get permission.  Make any fliers pretty and eye catching.

Post on forums – topical posts about things others are interested.  Have real conversations.  Include a link to your website in your signature.  If people like you, they will check you out.

Go old school and make paper fliers for physical bulletin boards.

Know your audience.  Do your marketing where they are going to be.  Try to sell to your potential customers, not other authors/musicians/web designers/artists.

Remember: you don’t need fancy software to do any of this.  GIMP is free, so is LibreOffice, and they both work great!


Here, by the way, is an example of one of the fliers I made and printed out using one of those “100 prints for a dollar” promotions.