Site Redesign, and a new painting!


This painting was done in watercolor, with some of the details picked out in various kinds of colored pencil.  I wasn’t completely successful in capturing the image, but at least I think I caught the light to the extent that I wanted to.

This is also the first new blog entry in the new, improved  I had to get away from my old host, but this turned out to be a good thing.  My new host has great speed, easier access to everything, better email, and most importantly, costs roughly 20% of what my old host charged me.  A better deal for me, and also for you!

The Vigil

Painting by Rohvannyn Shaw


This isn’t one of my most recent works, but one that I hadn’t appreciated enough.  I was looking at it again the other day and I noticed some small details – like the movement of the water – that I really enjoyed looking at.  I always enjoy seeing new things in art that I’ve put away for a while.

Notice how there’s a contrail?  Suddenly, there’s a story there… who is this person, who are they waiting for, what’s that red ribbon above them?  Are they stuck on a primitive world and waiting for rescue?  Or are they just on vacation?

Click on the picture for a (much) better view.