Rohvannyn here.

Previously I’ve done most of my art in analog format, that is, pen and ink, pencil, paint, oil pastel, etcetera.  As I move farther into the realms of Ralph McQuarrie, Michael Whelan and other excellent sci fi artists, I have a greater need for precision.  However, I do not yet have a huge studio, giant canvasses, and an unlimited budget for paint!

What’s a value conscious artist to do?

Embrace the Unlimited Canvas!

Art programs let me work on a grand scale so that amazing detail is possible.  Until I build a computer that can handle working at high resolutions, however, I am practicing on a smaller scale – working out problems of light and texture so that I can really go crazy when I have more room to work in.

At the moment I’m doing environments, so that eventually they can be composited with 3-D rendered objects.  Here is a bit of what I’ve done for practice, for both creatures and landscapes!



I had fun trying to create a caldera with the water and sky as a background layer.


Here’s a friendly guy who just wants to have you for dinner.


A peaceful landscape that started out as a view through a doorway high above the land.



He has always been here.
























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