Toward the next step

As I work toward getting my graphics system together, I continue to do small pieces using either GIMP or MyPaint.  In case anyone is curious, I currently have a dual core processor that is running Linux.  It’s not much, but it runs!  Which is more than I can say for my main graphics machine.   That’s why I need to be careful with my graphics processing resources!

Yet, I want to be prepared when I actually have enough processing power and graphics memory do do something large.  What’s an enterprising artist to do?  I’ve decided to work on light and shadow, elements of composition, and the ever popular “thumbnail appeal.”

Here is one of my recent pieces that was exploring what you can do on a small scale in GIMP.



Rohvannyn here.

Previously I’ve done most of my art in analog format, that is, pen and ink, pencil, paint, oil pastel, etcetera.  As I move farther into the realms of Ralph McQuarrie, Michael Whelan and other excellent sci fi artists, I have a greater need for precision.  However, I do not yet have a huge studio, giant canvasses, and an unlimited budget for paint!

What’s a value conscious artist to do?

Embrace the Unlimited Canvas!

Art programs let me work on a grand scale so that amazing detail is possible.  Until I build a computer that can handle working at high resolutions, however, I am practicing on a smaller scale – working out problems of light and texture so that I can really go crazy when I have more room to work in.

At the moment I’m doing environments, so that eventually they can be composited with 3-D rendered objects.  Here is a bit of what I’ve done for practice, for both creatures and landscapes!



I had fun trying to create a caldera with the water and sky as a background layer.


Here’s a friendly guy who just wants to have you for dinner.


A peaceful landscape that started out as a view through a doorway high above the land.



He has always been here.

























Welcome to Rainy Day Studios!

Our mission is to bring you quality sci fi art that you won’t find anywhere else.

This is a very personal goal for me.

More and more of our beloved artists and writers are gone now, with fewer hard science fiction creators to fill the gaps.  Someone has to carry the vision forward into the future.  Someone has to tell great stories that make people think and wonder.  Who will join the effort?  Well, here I am with my tiny candle, and here is my wife and co-creator, and the rest of Rainy Day Studios.

Here we are, to add a little light.

Won’t you join us?